Friday, August 28, 2009

I am guilty and so is the rest of Human kind..

Human? or Animal-like?

It is common saying among humans about a violent human that the person is behaving like an animal! I want people to think if it is fair to give such a comparison.
I do not want to write much about it. I am just gonna post some articles here which should make the point!

The Human

The Animal

Another prominent example..

I think I am guilty too. Raise the green house effect on a day to day basis. Destroy polar bears. So seal population raises. Then kill them mercilessly to control their population. But do nothing about ones own mistakes. I feel guilty. At least the leopard had the heart and courage to understand the outcome of its doing and take care of the offspring.

Please tell me, are the definitions for animal-like and human-like correct?
I think animals do not deserve the shame of comparisons to such a selfish human kind.

I love animals. I am not saying all humans are bad towards animals. But there are many many heartless hunters, insensitive, and mean people towards animals &/or people who support animals, and very many who do not even care for other humans as well.

I am angry, am sad.. I hope people who do love take some initiative or at least support others who had the courage to take initiatives!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Mahatma Gandhi , India

I pray.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emotional Self-torture!

Have you felt cheated? sad? embarrassed? If there is a person who says "No" to that first sentence, then it is simply a lie to the self; just a classic case of 'A Person in a State of Denial'. But some people can get past those moments gracefully. Now you might wonder, 'How can someone be graceful about an embarrassing moment?' . True! One gets embarrassed and then its an embarrassing moment. But how one is able to manage out of that moment mentally is the most important thing. Some people just brush it off while some cry over it for days, weeks or even months. To the people who are of the latter kind the story below is really to be taken seriously. As for the others, it is meagre proof that brushing off is good.

The Pretty Lady


Once upon a time a big monk and a little monk were traveling together. They came to the bank of a river and found the bridge was damaged. They had to wade across the river. There was a pretty lady who was stuck at the damaged bridge and couldn't cross the river. The big monk offered to carry her across the river on his back. The lady accepted. The little monk was shocked by the move of the big monk. "How can big brother carry a lady when we are supposed to avoid all intimacy with females?" thought the little monk. But he kept quiet. The big monk carried the lady across the river and the small monk followed unhappily. When they crossed the river, the big monk let the lady down and they parted ways with her.

All along the way for several miles, the little monk was very unhappy with the act of the big monk. He was making up all kinds of accusations about big monk in his own head. This got him madder and madder. But he still kept quiet. And the big monk had no indication to explain his situation. Finally, at a rest point many hours later, the little monk could not stand it any further; he burst out angrily at the big monk. "How can you claim yourself a devout monk, when you seize the first opportunity to touch a female, especially when she is very pretty? All your teachings to me make you a big hypocrite.

The big monk looked surprised and said, "I had put down the pretty lady at the river bank many hours ago, how come you are still carrying her along?"

Moral : This very old Chinese Zen story reflects the thinking of many people today. We encounter many unpleasant things in our life, they irritate us and they make us angry. Sometimes, they cause us a lot of hurt, sometimes they cause us to be bitter or jealous. But like the little monk, we are not willing to let them go away. We keep on carrying the baggage with us. We let them keep on coming back to hurt us, make us angry, make us bitter and cause us a lot of agony. Why? Simply because we are not willing to put it down or let go of the baggage.

So, does all such moments leave us without an impact? No. Thats not possibly possible. I am just trying to say that one must learn from it. Analyse what will help in saving us from being in the exact same situation again. Work for it. But just don't let it hurt you more than it should. After all, everyone has their own painful moments of embarrassment, sorrow, deceit and more.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello all!!
Since I started blogging, I feel a need to relate every new emotion to a blog entry!! So here I go narrating my experince with my mom!

I like all kinds of music as long as they dont hurt my ears. But I really an passionate towards folk music from any place in the world. Being born and brought up in Tamilnadu, I follow the tamil filmi folk a lot. Thus, one fine day I came across a song in the Airtel Super Singer competition. Yeah, in a competition where the chief guest was singing this particular song. Since I was away from home, [in Germany] I didn't know it before then. The song had a huge applause at the end. So I went into youtube to see the original video of it only to get thoroughly shocked! One can find the video here.

I thought the songs choreography was a bit too raw. So I showed to my mom to see her reactions. Guess what.. here comes the shock of my life! She says, "Oh this kind of dance. They do in the villages around midnight. This the local club dance!" As a girl who has never been to village side festivals, this was new to me. I then realised that every place has its own kind of everything!

At this point I am not sure what to feel about it. But I realise that every place has its unique form in every art. We just need to find it, cherish it and not insult it! After all, we have our own club dance among others!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Am I the kind that...

On February 2008, I created a profile!! On march 2009, I thought I will start blogging and wrote a few lines: see below!!

Title: Years of Life or Life in Years?

This is my very first blog. I was thinking for so long on what could be my first topic. Should I start with the day or some random thoughts or what else?

Then I decided: It must be about my life so far. What do I think about it.. So that anyone who cares to read my blog will know my perspective better!! And I myself can evaluate my opinions later on!! I think its a great idea!!

Many years have passed. Some years are just too meaningful and others are plain. Does that mean that those years were wasted?

But then, I did not post this blog or complete it!! I reopened it now, on August 6, 2009 and read it. I myself am wondering that in what mood was I to write such a serious blog! This has really got me into thinking.

My perspective has changed much since then!! I can not imagine that I actually thought people would care to understand my perspective of life! If they do care, then may be they will know it by now !!

Anyways.. still I do not know what exactly I am doing by blogging!! So what I am exactly trying to find is, Am I the kind that blogs? :)