Friday, August 7, 2009

Am I the kind that...

On February 2008, I created a profile!! On march 2009, I thought I will start blogging and wrote a few lines: see below!!

Title: Years of Life or Life in Years?

This is my very first blog. I was thinking for so long on what could be my first topic. Should I start with the day or some random thoughts or what else?

Then I decided: It must be about my life so far. What do I think about it.. So that anyone who cares to read my blog will know my perspective better!! And I myself can evaluate my opinions later on!! I think its a great idea!!

Many years have passed. Some years are just too meaningful and others are plain. Does that mean that those years were wasted?

But then, I did not post this blog or complete it!! I reopened it now, on August 6, 2009 and read it. I myself am wondering that in what mood was I to write such a serious blog! This has really got me into thinking.

My perspective has changed much since then!! I can not imagine that I actually thought people would care to understand my perspective of life! If they do care, then may be they will know it by now !!

Anyways.. still I do not know what exactly I am doing by blogging!! So what I am exactly trying to find is, Am I the kind that blogs? :)


Clonerohin said...

Am I the kind that comments on Blogs?

Abirami Rajendran said...

Ah, the joy of first post :)

keep writing. it'll bring you much joy. And some friends. And some pain points ;)

If I have to give a feedback, I would ask you to go easy on the "!" marks :)

Chandru said...

Adi paavi!!!

Yes, you are that kind only. Keep writing :)

vicky2323 said...

Good - least you know the world has access to your blogg!

and so - nice to know you are thinking while blogging - So that the worl knows!!!

Lyk you know it - It's all "impression management"

So just let it be & free your mind - feel the freedom - It will be "Life" in the years lived!!

Secureurself said...

A great begining !!!

raja said...

Started very well... cool